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data counter | Black Facility
Apr 13 2011

Data Counter v1.3

Just released the latest version of Data Counter (v1.3).

New features include:

  • Localization (Hrvatski, German, Chinese)
  • Notifications¬† (notify you when your data usage exceed a certain threshold – you can define as many different threshold as you want)
  • Tap on statusbar to see time (to prevent bandwidth meter from replacing time on the status bar)
  • SBSettings toggle to toggle the state of Bandwidth meter

Apr 7 2011

Localization for Data Counter

We will be releasing the new version of Data Counter soon. Currently there’s localization for German and Hrvatski.

If you are interested to help translate for other languages do send me an email.

The new update of Data Counter would have data threshold notification and better display of the bandwidth meter

Mar 6 2011

Datacounter SBSettings Toggle

You should be expecting some updates for each of the counter apps. One of the features would be the SBSettings Toggle which allows users to turn on/off the bandwidth meter on the status bar.

Nov 21 2010

Data Counter v1.2 – Bandwidth meter

Data Counter v1.2 allows you to see the instantaneous network transfer speed. You can get it from the blackfacility repo or from big boss repo (it should be available in 24 hours)

Nov 9 2010

Bandwidth Meter

Managed to do out a bandwidth meter feature which allows you to see the current data transfer speed. This feature should be available in data counter in future release. At the moment I’m still testing the battery usage and stability, and also fine tuning the UI.

Sep 30 2010

Minor changes to Data Counter (v1.0, v1.0-1, v1.0-2)

If you happened to download the initial version of Data Counter (v1.0, v1.0-1, v1.0-2), you might notice that your data usage for the first day is ridiculously huge. This is because initially i put the total data usage you had (so far) as the first day’s data usage.

I realized this is quite a wrong move. So instead, I’ve change to make it start from 0.0 mb when you first the app and when you reset the counter.

Do let me know if you encounter any problems or you have any comments, suggestions.

Sep 29 2010

Data Counter ready

Finally managed to package together a beta version of Data Counter (would be submitting this to big boss repo if nothing goes wrong though)

You can get it from the blackfacility repo:

  • Add this cydia source :
  • Search for Data Counter
  • Install

Would really appreciate if you guys can let me know whether it works for you, or any comments, suggestions.


Sep 16 2010

New app – Data Counter for iPhone

I’ve been working on a new counter app (similar to sms counter, call counter) except this time is for cellular data usage.

Let me know if you are interested to beta test it (by leaving comments here)