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What others are saying

Pull To Refresh

This is why I jailbreak: “@TaimurAsad: “Pull To Refresh” for Mail App Arrives on the iPhone”

#PullToRefresh: an awesome app! Does exactly what it says: Pull to refresh mail app. Why has it only just been designed?! 5/5 #Cydia #iPhone

Win! Pull to refresh for the mail app :)

Pull To Refresh for Mail Is A Dream Come True | Cydia

“Pull To Refresh” for Mail App Arrives on the #iPhone – this should be part of the standard Mail App! –

Pull to Refresh Mailって操作感いいわぁ…楽

Pull to refresh for Mail: so useful #iphone

I wonder if Steve Jobs ever says ” why didn’t we think of this?” when a new jailbreak app comes out! —Pull down mail to refresh! Genius!

Pull to refresh in iOS Mail is my new favorite thing

Another great app from #Cydia #Pull to refresh for mail Refresh your email the easy way – just like with FB or Twitter Loving it!

Ricaricare la Inbox con un gesto, grazie a “Pull To Refresh for Mail”

“Pull To Refresh for Mail” Is A Dream Come True for iPhone Mail App. Available in Cydia !

Reasons I’m jailbroken #1632: Pull to refresh in Mail.

Pull to Refresh使得iOS上的邮件更新更加人性化,下拉更新比起以前的点击更新按钮来说好用很多,推荐安装 Cydia Store, Free


Pull To Refresh For Mail – A “Must-Have” Hack: Pull To Refresh For Mail is a super simple…

Pull to Refresh Mail on Cydia is delightful. :)

Loving the “pull to refresh mail” from Cydia.

pull to refresh tweak is awesome

Pull To Refresh for Mail FTW.

Pull-to-refresh for mail! Finally something worth jailbreaking my iphone for, other than unlocking for T-mobile.

Pull To Refresh for Mail Is A Dream Come True | Cydia

‘Pull to refresh’ now available in for [jailbroken] iPhones. #nolongeramistake #Pavlov Should be a native iOS gesture by now.

“Pull to refresh” for on my iPhone, good !!

like the new tweak in cydia pull to refresh mail

Sweet, pull to refresh for Mail.


Call Counter

還是買了call counter 3,花不到一百台幣,可以省幾百塊電話費,想想也真划算啊!

“Overall, this is a very simple yet very nicely implemented application. The user interface is great and the application works smoothly.”

Data Counter

Data Counter has a very simple UI and has equally simple yet useful features.”


“Great productivity tool and time saver”

“Freshlog is probably one of the coolest add-ons to Basecamp ever… such a great productivity tool and time saver.”

“Neat solution for frustrating task”

“I love bug reports with screenshots because you take one look and know exactly what the problem is. Freshlog is a neat solution for the frustrating task of creating and attaching screenshots to your tickets.”
Gregor Martynus (ELC Tech)