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SMS Counter

SMS Counter allows you to keep track of your sms usage. It’s good for those who have limited free SMS per month etc.

Current Version : 2.2

Compatible with Firmware 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x


  • Allows you to count the SMS based on a few filters: -by person, by message type (incoming/outgoing/both), by period
  • Automatic updating application badge which show the sms sent for the month (so you don’t need to start the app all the time to see the counts)
  • Allows you to select the day of the billing month (so the period will be updated automatically everything your run the app)
  • Count SMS based on the standard 160 chars (so a longer message will be counted as multiple smses depending on the length)
  • Able to keep track of deleted messages (so you can still clear your sms on the default SMS app)
  • Show a pie chart view of the distributions of messages

What’s New in v2.0?

  • Counting of messages based on 160 chars
  • Able to keep track deleted messages
  • Simpler interface
  • Saving of all the settings
  • Badge showing the total outgoing SMS of the month
  • Fixed bugs with name not showing on the person filter

What’s New in v2.1?

  • Bar Chart Representation (in addition to Pie chart)
  • Detail view of the sms
  • Export feature (send CSV to email)
  • Fix the problem that updates will remove settings/database (subsequent updates from this version onwards will be able to retain the settings/database)
  • Exclusion number filter feature

What’s New in v2.2?

  • Compatible with iOS4 (with multitasking)
  • Report view (shows the message counts by month)
  • Allow adding of excluded numbers (use * as wildcard – e.g. 9* refers to all numbers starting with 9 and *123 refers to all numbers ending with 123)
  • Support for multi-languages (German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Hrvatski, French)
  • Added privacy mode (allows you to hide the sms history in the app. type smscounter:hideSMS. Refer to
  • Counting SMS containing non-English characters based on 70 characters (and 160 characters for English SMS)


IMG_0004 IMG_0007 smscounter_piechart smscounter_exclusion smscounter_details smscounter_barchart

How to install?

For FW3.x and iOS4:

  • Add this cydia source : or BigBoss Repo
  • Search for SMS Counter
  • Install

For FW2.0:

Like the app?

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Special Price for all 3 counters
Price $7.99
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*ensure that you type in the serial number exactly what you see from your iPhone! (i.e.  letter which are in upper case should be written as upper case and not lower case)

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