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Data Counter | Black Facility

Data Counter

Data Counter allows you to keep track of your cellular data usage. It’s good for those who have limited data volume per month etc.

Current Version : 1.4

Compatible with Firmware 3.x and above (tested on 4.x, 5.x and 6.x) (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)


  • Allows you to count the data usage based on a few filters: -by data type (sent/received/both), by period
  • Allows you to define your monthly data plan
  • Allows you to select the day of the billing month (so the period will be updated automatically everything your run the app)
  • Not affected by “Reset Statistics” in the settings app
  • Show a statistics of the daily and monthly usage
  • Allows you to set what you want to display information regarding data usage on the badge (data exceeded/received/sent/total data usage)
  • No need to physically run the app everytime you reboot your iPhone (nor is there any need to turn on location-based services which will drain your battery)
  • Works with any teleco, app directly grab data from your iPhone
  • Notifications when data usage exceeds certain data thresholds

What’s New in v1.1?

  • Able to keep track of Wi-Fi data usage on top of cellular (3G+EDGE)
  • Bug fixes (v1.0 will turn on 3G if you run the app automatically)
  • Ability to add initial data offset so that you can still keep track of the data usage before installing the app or when you “clear database”
  • Badges support for Wi-Fi also
  • Report View shows an additional column with the sub total
  • Works for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

What’s New in v1.2?

  • Bandwidth meter (shows the current network transfer speed)

What’s New in v1.3?

  • Localization (Hrvatski, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian)
  • Notifications¬† (notify you when your data usage exceed a certain threshold – you can define as many different threshold as you want)
  • Tap on statusbar to see time (to prevent bandwidth meter from replacing time on the status bar)
  • SBSettings toggle to toggle the state of Bandwidth meter

What’s New in v1.4?

  • Support iPhone 5 resolution
  • Added option to show bandwidth meter on the top right corner instead


How to install?

For FW3.x and iOS4:

  • Add this cydia source : or BigBoss Repo
  • Search for Data Counter
  • Install

Like the app?

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*ensure that you type in the serial number exactly what you see from your iPhone! (i.e. letter which are in upper case should be written as upper case and not lower case)

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