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Dec 23 2010

Pull To Refresh For Safari v1.0

I’m done with the Pull To Refresh For Safari tweak. It’s compatible with iOS3.x and iOS4.x. Submitted to Big Boss repo (if nothing goes wrong, it should be up within 24 hours).

You can also get it from Blackfacility repo

For FW3.x and iOS4:

  • Add this cydia source : or BigBoss Repo
  • Search for Pull To Refresh for Safari
  • Install

Dec 22 2010

Pull to Refresh for Safari

I’m working on another tweak. This time, Pull to Refresh for Mobile Safari.

Currently it works nicely on iPhone4 running on iOS4.0.1, still fixing some issues with iPad and making it compatible with iOS3.x also. Will submit to cydia once I get it working. In the meantime, if you have any comments, do let me know :)

Dec 21 2010

SMS Counter 2.2-10 on Big Boss repo

In case you are one of those new users who have downloaded this version and you have the problem that the initial pop up keep showing after you press “Try/Get License”.

There was some problems with the package at Big Boss repo. (the permission of a folder was set wrongly)

I’ve asked Big Boss to help me change the permission. Probably take a day before the next update is ready. In the meantime, you guys can get it from the blackfacility repo:

* Uninstall SMS Counter 3
* Add this cydia source :
* Search for SMS Counter (make sure it’s from blackfacility repo)
* Install

Dec 1 2010

No Wiggle

Somebody requested for this so I’ve done up a simple tweak which remove the wiggling effect on springboard (when you press and hold on an App Icon for moving/deletion).

It’s different from WiggleFree. There was a problem with WiggleFree where you have to touch the individual icons before they stop wiggling on iOS4.

Personally, I’m not using this tweak. Don’t you guys find that without wiggling effect, it feels weird?

But a user told me it will cut down unnecessary animation and boost performance though.

You can get it from the Blackfacility or Big Boss repo

Nov 28 2010

Pull to Refresh for iPhone Mail App

I’ve just create a tweak which brings the “pull to refresh” tweak onto the default iPhone mail app.

You can get it from blackfacility repo ( I’ve also submitted it to the Big Boss Repo, it should be available within 24 hours.

Do let me know of any comments, bugs etc :)

Nov 21 2010

Data Counter v1.2 – Bandwidth meter

Data Counter v1.2 allows you to see the instantaneous network transfer speed. You can get it from the blackfacility repo or from big boss repo (it should be available in 24 hours)

Nov 14 2010

Call billing for France

Was told that in France, the calculation is based on unique numbers. As such, I’ve tuned the UI slightly to show this information from the Pie Chart View and the Bar Chart View. In future releases, the badge will should information about unique numbers also.
You can get it from blackfacility repository (have not yet submit to Big Boss Repo):

As always, I welcome suggestions. Do let me know if there’s a different way how teleco calculate your call durations for your countries.

Nov 9 2010

Bandwidth Meter

Managed to do out a bandwidth meter feature which allows you to see the current data transfer speed. This feature should be available in data counter in future release. At the moment I’m still testing the battery usage and stability, and also fine tuning the UI.

Oct 15 2010

Away for next 2 weeks

I will be away for the next 2 weeks (starting this monday 18 Oct until 30Oct). Would not be able to answer any emails concerning SMS/Call/Data Counter so promptly but I will get back to you guys whenever possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Oct 12 2010

Data Counter v1.1 released

What’s New in v1.1?

  • Able to keep track of Wi-Fi data usage on top of cellular (3G+EDGE)
  • Bug fixes (v1.0 will turn on 3G if you run the app automatically)
  • Ability to add initial data offset so that you can still keep track of the data usage before installing the app or when you “clear database”
  • Badges support for Wi-Fi also
  • Report View shows an additional column with the sub total
  • Works for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch