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Peer inside | Black Facility
May 9 2013

Data Counter updates

Here’s a video demo of the app done by one of the users:

I know many of you have emailed me regarding new updates and the updates seem to come quite slowly recently. First I want to apologize for this. I’m really tied up with work, so haven’t been able to come up with the updates but I’m working on it.

Maybe I will just update everyone of some of the new changes you can expect:

new bandwidth meter:


and there will definitely be support for iPhone 5 resolution.

Mar 1 2013

SMS Counter 3 now compatible with iOS6

Sorry for the delay, SMS Counter 3 is now compatible with iOS6.

You guys should be expected more updates for SMS/Call/Data Counter in the next couple of weeks.

Feb 29 2012

NoWiggle updated to v1.1

NoWiggle has been updated to work with iOS5. You can get it from the blackfacility repo. It should be up on BigBoss repo within 24 hours.

Sep 4 2011

Away for the next 2 weeks

Dear all, I will be away for the next 2 weeks so will take some time to reply your emails.

Jul 14 2011

Call Counter 3 v2.3-11

Just released v2.3-11 (should be up on bigboss repo within 24 hours)
What’s new:

  • New billing plans:
    free 1st minute and per sec billing subsequently
  • Separate different numbers in a single contact
    (so you can select individual numbers associated to a single contact)
  • Allow for specific exclusion number together with a corresponding excluded period

May 4 2011

Away for 2 weeks

As those of you who have send me emails before, I’m usually very quick in replying to your queries.

But will be away for 2 weeks (to Netherlands), so might be slow in replying your queries during this period.

Side note: if any of you at Amsterdam wants to meet up, please let me know. I will be there from 9th May to 16th May :)

Apr 13 2011

Data Counter v1.3

Just released the latest version of Data Counter (v1.3).

New features include:

  • Localization (Hrvatski, German, Chinese)
  • Notifications¬† (notify you when your data usage exceed a certain threshold – you can define as many different threshold as you want)
  • Tap on statusbar to see time (to prevent bandwidth meter from replacing time on the status bar)
  • SBSettings toggle to toggle the state of Bandwidth meter

Apr 7 2011

Localization for Data Counter

We will be releasing the new version of Data Counter soon. Currently there’s localization for German and Hrvatski.

If you are interested to help translate for other languages do send me an email.

The new update of Data Counter would have data threshold notification and better display of the bandwidth meter

Mar 6 2011

Datacounter SBSettings Toggle

You should be expecting some updates for each of the counter apps. One of the features would be the SBSettings Toggle which allows users to turn on/off the bandwidth meter on the status bar.

Jan 4 2011

Forex Notification Service

Just did up a currency exchange rate notifier. It will notify you (on twitter) if a forex exchange rate exceeds a certain value.

If you are interested in the service, send a message to @bfalert stating the two currency (e.g. USD/SGD would refers to exchange rate of USD to SGD) and the threshold.

As always, if you find the service useful, or have other comments, please send it to us :)