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Frequent Asked Questions on SMS Counter and Call Counter

Q: The dates in the Filter By does not save after I quit the app
A: The “From” and “To” dates are set automatically based on the preferences in the app. Specifically the “From” date is set automatically based on the Billing day of the month (first day of the month where the billing starts) settings in the preferences found in the app. and the “To” date is set to be the current date.
Q: I’ve paid for the app but didn’t receive the license.
A: You can update the license directly from the app itself. Go to the About View, you should see a button saying “Update License / Buy App”, touch on that and it should pop up a message box with 2 buttons: “Try/Get License” and “Buy Now”. Touch on the “Try Now / Get License” and it will update your license


Q: I’ve already paid for the app but it went back to trial mode after I update the app!
A: Currently there’s a problem that you will lose your database and settings after you update the app. For licensing, you just need to update the license as mention above (NO additional purchase is needed)
Q: The App just crashes when I run it.
A: Try the instructions on