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Call Counter 3 v2.3-11 | Black Facility

Call Counter 3 v2.3-11

Just released v2.3-11 (should be up on bigboss repo within 24 hours)
What’s new:

  • New billing plans:
    free 1st minute and per sec billing subsequently
  • Separate different numbers in a single contact
    (so you can select individual numbers associated to a single contact)
  • Allow for specific exclusion number together with a corresponding excluded period

19 Responses to “Call Counter 3 v2.3-11”

  • Vourgourakis Emmanouil Says:

    Dear sir
    I use this application almost a year. First I have to say is thatt a very usefull to me, but I have a suggestions. First of all I paid the aplication twice because I change a device. I don’t know if there is a way to transfer my purchase in another device in future. Second, and very important You must realeased this application with some kind of backup and restore. I lose evey statistic when my device is crashed and i restore it. And finally , now with new update I lose every person that I had saved in exeption. I have to save again one more time.
    Thank you for your time, and I,m sorry for my bad English.
    Be so kind to reply me.

  • xh Says:


    You can let me know your old and new iPhone serial number next time. I will transfer the license for you.

    Yes I’m working on backing up and restoring the database.

  • Pattofatto Says:

    I would like to know how can i exclude all the numbers with 05 at the beginning

  • xh Says:

    add 05* as the exclusion number

  • Ferengi Says:

    Hello Developers, Your Feature: “Counting SMS containing non-English characters based on 70 characters (and 160 characters for English SMS)” will result in a extreme incorrect counting for German SMSes because the “umlaut” ä or ü or ….. will force the counter to 70 characters. The 7 bit default alphabet as specified by GSM 3.38 described here explicitly includes Umlaute and the €. Is it possible to correct your counting to follow this GSM Standard ?

    Kind regards

  • xh Says:

    @ferengi thanks for the note. It will be fixed in the next update

  • xh Says:

    @ferengi I’ve just updated the app, try add this cydia source:

    and update to the latest version (2.2-13)

    do let me know whether it works :)

  • ferengi Says:

    Hi xh,

    just back from holiday and Updated the App. Counting looks good :-) I will do some more Tests and gibr you a Feedback.


  • Ferengi Says:

    @ xh
    Counting SMS with umlaute (ä, ü, ö) and the “ß” is correct. Counting “€[]{}” seems to be still Unicode. The iPhone internal character counter counts for a € or []{} 2 characters like described at smsmac. Thanks for the update, the € and []{} is not so important for me as the umlaute (ä, ü, ö) and the “ß”

    Best Regards

  • xh Says:

    @ferengi thanks for the note. I must have missed those out. It will be fixed in the next update.

  • Simarpal sawhney Says:

    Thank you very much for such an wonderfull app.

  • Vincent Says:


    how come I cannot able to save the filter date? because in our country we are not fixed from 1 to 31 date.. e.g our billing date is from jan 19 of the month up to feb 20 of the next month.

    when I set the filter date the moment I exit the app it returns back to 1 to 31 date.

    thanks by the way great app worth the price.

  • xh Says:

    it’s based on the billing day of the month in the preferences found in the app. If you select 1st of each month, it will switch accordingly.

  • Pere Says:

    There is a data we can see in “report” that would be very usufull to use as the “display number”. This data is the number of diferent outgoing calles (not the total call made, only the diferent ones). Today a campus company has launch a special rate wich allows you to call every month to 300 diferent callers. You already control this data (it appears) in the “report”, but we the re is no option no display it in the icon. It would be very usufull. Thanks for tour time!!!

    • xh Says:

      @Pere will try to incorporate that in future updates.

      @Ron 60/1 means you telco considers the first 60 secs as a single block (i.e. even if your call is less than 60 secs, it will be considered as 60 secs, the “1″ in the second component indicates that after the 60sec-block, it is treated based on per sec block. Are you able to save the other settings other than the quota?

  • Ron Says:

    Dear xh,

    Call Counter is such an amazing tweak. By the way, I was little bit confusing on setting up the “Select Billing Plan” in “Preference”, could you do me a favor please xh? Ok, I did not quite understand about the choices of “60/1″ “45/1″ “60/30″… meant for. Let say “60/1″, if this one means the Telco charged 1 cent per 60 second? & let say if my Telco charging rate is 15 cent per minute, which one should I choose xh? Another issue I experienced, I did enter the 333(which is the total limit of minutes from my outgoing call package subscribed bundled from my Telco) in the “Call Quota”, but then soon after I exited this tweak, just when I went into the “Preference” again it was blank, how do I solve this xh?

  • Ron Says:

    Bunch of thanks XH for the explanation, yes, am able to save the other settings except “Call Quota”.

  • panda Says:

    Hello. Im so glad i just found this app. I have iOS 6. Is it Call Counter compable with my iOS 6? Thanks!

  • xh Says:

    Yes it’s compatible with iOS6

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