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Data Counter v1.3 | Black Facility

Data Counter v1.3

Just released the latest version of Data Counter (v1.3).

New features include:

  • Localization (Hrvatski, German, Chinese)
  • Notifications¬† (notify you when your data usage exceed a certain threshold – you can define as many different threshold as you want)
  • Tap on statusbar to see time (to prevent bandwidth meter from replacing time on the status bar)
  • SBSettings toggle to toggle the state of Bandwidth meter

13 Responses to “Data Counter v1.3”

  • newbee Says:

    I’m just a newbee on IPhone4 and I’m bewildered recently by the numbers showing on your app. For instance, does a ’45′ on SMS Counter mean that I have sent/recv/sent+recv 45 smss according to current filter, or I just have 45 sms unread or sth. else? It sounds quite different from the numerical indicators on ‘Messages’ or ‘Phone’ on IP4, which easily show your unread or unhandled stuffs.

  • xh Says:

    it’s based on badge settings. It could be sent/recv or both, or message left etc

    Yes it’s different from that of Messages/Phone app.

  • Tsikis Mamalos Says:

    Doesn’t counts data after reboot… I have to run it once after reboot in order to start count 3g data. I’m in 4.3.3 on iPhone4. Is there any solution for this?

  • newbee 2 Says:


    Do you have some plans for French localisation of data counter?

    Kind Regards.

  • xh Says:

    @newbee Yes there’s plans for localization for different languages, if you can help with French translation do let me know :)

  • xh Says:

    @Tsikis Mamalos I’m not sure as if yet whether it is compatible with 4.3.3 but do you always have to run the app before the badges are updated?

  • M. Jordan Says:


    liked it, bought it :-)

    Needs some slight improvements in the german translation, but i need another feature:

    One can set the reset date freely on a known day. But i have a “floating” data plan, renewing every 30 days. Maybe there are some other users out there with 14 Days or 7 Days cycles.

    So how to set the “reset day” in Data Counter with this data plans ?

  • xh Says:

    Thanks for support.

    You can email me what could be improved in the german translation. :)

    I will try to add weekly reset option (instead of the current monthly one) in the future updates. Will that help?

  • jim Says:


    I was very happy when I found Data Counter because I ever wanted such an app and installed the trial – but sadly it doesn’t work for me.

    I’ve got an iPhone4 iOS 4.2.1..
    It seems to me that the problem is, that Data Counter isn’t running in the background. I don’t receive notifications when the limit I have configured is reached and also the batch on the app icon doesn’t update. Only when I open the app the batch updates.

    I have the app backgrounder installed and generally no apps are allowed to run in the background. But I configured an exception for Data Counter so everything should be just like on a “normal” iPhone.

    Is it normal that Data Counter doesn’t show up in the multitasking bar when it isn’t started?

    I really hope you can help me because I really would like to buy the app when it works for me :)

  • xh Says:


    that’s normal (the backgrounder part), the app doesn’t need to show up on the multitasking bar. It’s running on a background daemon.

    Try reboot your device. I believe it should work on iOS4.2.1.

    Do let me know if there’s still any issues

  • Tony Says:

    Hi, trying out Data Counter, and it’s pretty cool. Some suggestions:

    * Bandwidth meter doesn’t play nice with SBSettings’s “Statusbar Free Mem” – if enabled, the bandwidth meter never shows.

    * The option to toggle the bandwidth meeter should be a proper On/Off switch in the settings. It’s very confusing (to me anyway).

    * Instead of showing transfer speeds in status bar, would be more useful to show amount of data transferred (like Data Usage Monitor), or even better, total data transferred for current period (up/down/both).

    Keep up the good work!

  • xh Says:


    Thanks for your suggestions. I will look into it :)

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